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A Complement to Chiropractic Care

Therapeutic massage is an age-old remedy which has proven to be an effective complement to chiropractic care. Our brochure helps explain how chiropractic and massage facilitate the natural healing process. Keeping the body in alignment and ensuring a free flow of nerve impulses and circulation.
Key Subjects Covered:
  • Massage as Complimentary Health Care
  • Benefits of Massage
  • Massage and Adjustments
  • Relief and Recovery
  • Therapeutic Massage Helps
  • Massage and Adjustments
  • Today's Health Problems
  • Arrangements for a massage appointment
Easy-to-read and professionally written this massage therapy brochure was created to aid in client education by providing accurate information that can be read in less than 15 minutes by readers of all backgrounds. Originally written by Patricia J. Benjamin, PhD. so you can be assured the information provided is accurate and kept within the industries standards.
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